Podcast of the Week

This week’s Podcast of the Week is Within a Quarter Inch which is hosted by the lovely Allison.  Allison has been doing this podcast for a couple of years now and I have listened to them since she begun.  Allison is a quilter, wife, mother of two beautiful twins and also a designer.  Allison tells us each podcast about her quilting, her family, most recently her move to a new town and just in general about her life.  I love this podcast and I hope that you’ll head over to her blog and download an episode to listen to or you can also get it from iTunes.


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2 Responses to Podcast of the Week

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a note for me! I love dogs and am involved in animal rescue here but my true love is horses. Haven’t had them in 25 years, and miss every day not riding!


    • Hi Glen, No thank you for dropping by my blog. Big cheer for you being involved in animal rescue. That must be very sad but also very rewarding. I bet you must miss horses especially after 25 years. I hope you can enjoy the posts about my horses and quilts. Please come by anytime.

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