Podcast of the Week

Just look at the mane on this gorgeous palomino Quarter Horse.  It is my dream to get my fella’s mane to look like this.

Well last week I did a Blog of the Week post and this week I’m also introducing a Podcast of the Week.

This weeks Podcast of the week is the Stable Scoop Show.  This is a fabulous show hosted by Glen the Geek and Helena Bee from the Horse Radio Network.  This is only one of a miriad of shows from the Horse Radio Network of which I will review all of the them.  Today I’m just concentrating on The Stable Scoop Show.  This podcast is like a variety show for horse people.  Glen and Helena are absolutely hilarious and always have great guests and interviews.  If you are looking for a new podcast to listen to, head on over to the Horse Radio Network by clicking on the link to the right.

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1 Response to Podcast of the Week

  1. heh! if only my hair looked that good!! lucky horse is all i can say to that one.

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